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SLOVAK  for foreigners (english, español, slovensky)

Slovak with its beauties and odds is a rather difficult yet amazing language. Traits reflect cultural particularities of the region. We might be able to appreciate taste of good solid old-fashion-ism, also romanticism, as well as a bit of naturalism in the language. Begin an adventure of learning..  

BASIC  (A1 - A2)


Slow paced basic class in daily real life situations. Simple introduction, questions and anwers, research. When you need to arrange something, inform briefly, have a small talk, tell a bit about yourself, ask anything politely. You´ll be able to use and recognize common basic expressions.  Books



Improved conversation on various topics in which you will find the way how to react properly, quickly and up to the higher mark. You will understand longer speech, describe experiences, plans. You'll get to the intonation and melody in a natural speed.  Books 



Business and other advanced communication (paper, phone, person). Formal expressions, specilized vocabulary, all topics as per request. Business local etiquette. Basic and advanced negotiation, creating arguments, presenting documents, investigating details.  Books 





sukromne hodiny

Translation (english / espaňol / slovensky)
Interpretation (eng / esp / slov)

Various types of documentation and materials: business, promotion, advertising, contracts, manuals, webs, localizations. Translation of texts, articles, books. Correction provided by native editors. Notary authentication on request. Price: from 15 EUR / NP. Delivery: usually 2 norm-pages a day ..  order now 


Business meetings, conferences, informal encounters, hearings, readings, lectures, workshops, presentations. Languages: English, Spanish, Slovak. Related assistance with: organizing events including PR, representation and tickets sales support. Rate: from 20 EUR / 1 hour ..  order now 

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