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Slovak for foreigners (A1 - C2)

Slovak for foreigners (A1 - C2)

SLOVAK LANGUAGE COURSE (A1 - C2) in the length of 13 hours. Practical use, simplified grammar, situational humor in a daily conversation. Materials included.


Registration by email ( or here: 

Dates on agreement: .. 

Class Address: Bieloruská 7 (or any public or private place)

SLOVAK with its beauties and odds is a rather difficult yet amazing language. Fear no more. Begin an adventure of learning.



5-10 EUR / 55 min. - Group Class (per head)

19 EUR / 55 min. - Private Class

App: whatever you prefer 



20 EUR / 55 min. - Private Class (my place)

22 EUR / 55 min. - Private Class (your place)


NOTE: See this as a pre-paid credit. Depending on what class type you will be using, also on the number of students in the class, its value will be subtracted after each session from the credit you buy. This group course will only take place when at least 2 participants have registered. 


    160,00 €Price
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