Slovak for foreigners

Slovak for foreigners


SLOVAK LANGUAGE (A1 - C2). Practical use, simplified basic grammar, situational humor in a daily conversation. Materials included. Registration by email ( or here: .. Dates on agreement:


7-9 EUR / 55 min. - Group Class (per head)

15 EUR / 55 min. - Private Class

App: whatever you prefer 



15 EUR / 55 min. - Private Class (my place)

18 EUR / 55 min. - Private Class (your place)

Address: Sklenarova 22 (or any public or private place)

SLOVAK with its peculiarities is a rather difficult language. Well, fear no more. Begin an adventure of learning. Together we´ll find the way. 


NOTE: Depending on what class type you will be using, its value will be subtracted after each class from the credit you buy.


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